Faye Reagan Anal

Welcome to Faye Reagan Anal! On this page you will find a collection of the rare scenes in which the lovely Faye Reagen did anal.There are only a few scenes out there, and you will find them all collected here. So sit back and watch Faye Reagan do anal.

Faye Reagan is a semi-retired porn actress from Las Vegas in the United States. She seems tio have stopped filming boy-girl scenes and has recently only made girl-girl films. Though many of her fans would love to see her do more anal, we will (for now) have to make do with what she has made so far.

In this partial scene you can see Rocco fingering Faye Reagan’s asshole:

Faye Reagan Rimjob

Want to see Faye Reagan giving a rimjob, here it is. In this movie Faye gives the guy a rimjob before she lets him fuck her, she plays a little with her fingers in her asshole too.

Do you know any other movies of Faye Reagan doing anal, giving or getting a rimjon, let us know!

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